Our Story

We’ve all been on the other side of the screen like you right now, searching for a place to stay that meets our needs in a destination that we can’t wait to get to. But a place to sleep isn’t enough for us; we want one that excites us, connects us with others, and gives us stories to tell, so we built Section L.

We’re a diverse team filled with people that are passionate about discovering new things and understand the importance of comfort for all lengths of stays. Each traveler staying with us longs to experience daily life like a local, and every traveler here is a friend waiting to be met. At our apartment-hotels, design meets functionality so that even an unfamiliar place feels like home, and the essentials are provided for you to craft your own journey through the city.

Meaning Behind Our Logo

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Our Vision

A borderless community powered by higher-quality accommodations .

Our Approach


Hospitality is our common language but we are as diverse as our guests, with our team consisting of 18 nationalities (and growing!)


We deeply care about the environment, so we minimize plastic usage and kindly ask for your cooperation in sorting your garbage.


We ensure that your rooms are immaculately clean and well-equipped before you arrive.


We keep discovering new things at a place we call home, and we always share them with you.

Work With Us

We’re always on the lookout for passionate professionals who share the same values to embark on this exciting journey with us. If you’re eager to make your mark in the industry, let’s collaborate and create unforgettable experiences together.