Wrong turns, happy accidents and larks are more valuable than any guidebook. So put that itinerary down. It’s time to discover Tokyo your way. Through random adventure, unexpected culture and a twist of fate. At Section L, there is an infinite number of ways to start. Here’s a few of our favorites.

Meet us on InterSection

InterSection is where the magic happens. Meet your neighbors and join our events. Better yet, be the one to plan an outing with your new friends to the wine bar just around the corner. We built this for you, the savvy traveler who seeks new experiences and connections. No download required.
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City Gems

Start Here — Go There — Look Up — Get Down — Turn Around— Come Back Here — Repeat

Yamanote Bingo

The Yamanote Rail Loop has been connecting Tokyo since 1885. Along these tracks are countless brilliant spots to eat, drink, shop, people watch, eat some more and just wander. Rather than a simple list, we put together a custom game of bingo. Don’t forget to shout BINGO when you hit it — or else it didn’t happen.

On your social media (i.e. Instagram), post your cool discovery / activity around the station of your choice. Then tag @staysection_l #bingosection_l

Happy exploring and enjoy the admiration on social.

Prizes (verify at front desk to win..)
3 stations: original YamnoteYamanote postcard
9 stations: Section L & YamanoteYamanote goodies
27 stations: get all of above and our eternal admiration

Download PDF Maps: