Watching The Rental (2020) in a rental.

It was half past ten in the evening and another Thirsty Thursday (happy hour) had just ended. A few of our regular guests were hungry and thought dinner at Yoshinoya would be a great idea. Off we went to the beef bowl chain 3 mins on foot away from Section L Ginza East. While chomping down tasty beef bowls, the idea of having a movie night came up and the following week, we gathered into one of our Japandi Deluxe 40sqm rooms to settle in for a movie over a delicious Uber Eats delivery of Korean food, popcorn, and craft beer.

Cadbury chocolate, straight from the UK, courtesy of a guest.

Wanting to create a suspenseful atmosphere and creep ourselves out as much as possible, we chose to watch The Rental… but ended up laughing and bonding over certain scenes instead.

Our Japandi Deluxe rooms have plenty of space and kitchenware, perfect for a gathering.

Do we recommend watching The Rental? Maybe not alone, you might get bored. Watching it with friends, or strangers turned friends… that, we can recommend.

Here at Section L, we love connecting with our guests and connecting our guests to each other. If you are keen on hosting an event with other guests (could be as chill as a jog in the park or a gathering at a restaurant you want to try), let us know and we can assist you with organizing it. We might even join, only if you're cool with it of course ?