Virtual Sakura at ginza456

We’re almost at the end of sakura season ? How it feels like:

How lovely it has been to sit under the trees to eat and drink while sakura petals drift by with a passing breeze; the smell of new beginnings lingering in the air. If you still want more sakura, there’s a captivating experience waiting for you at ginza456.

It’s free and will run until May 31, 2022.

What are you waiting for? Grab that friend who loves taking photos so you can memorialize the one time you saw sakura underground.

The first floor where this “swing” is located is free for anyone to check out. Visiting the basement to see the virtual sakura requires a reservation. Don’t be discouraged if you see all that all slots have been taken. Cancellations are common, so keep checking if you are determined to visit. Less than 10 people are let in each time for 30 mins. You can key in up to two wishes that get displayed on a virtual pink ema (wooden wish plague). We wished for the borders to open soon. What would you wish for?

Each time you make a wish through the machine, a special flower blooms in front of you. Countless sakura petals then start to float across panels, creating an immersive experience. Stepping towards flowers on the floor sends them rippling out.

Finally, you can check out our reel of the space here! ?