Tokyo Tower Climb 2022

Out of bed earlier than the sun this past Saturday, our team gathered at the base of Tokyo Tower by 7am. We had achieved our fundraising goal in support TELL Japan’s mental health initiatives to prevent suicide. Now was the time to conquer the 600 steps up Tokyo Tower. All decked out in our ✨fresh✨ Section L shirts, we warmed up with creative poses while waiting for our time to start at 07:30.

Broken into two groups, we waited for our individual turns to climb those steps like we never have before.

Here’s a breakdown of my thoughts while going up:

150 steps – Wow, this is easy. I’m practically flying.

225 steps – I’m not even halfway there?! My legs feel like lead.

347 steps – I’m gonna need to just pause for a hot sec.

499 steps – So closeeee! Just keep putting one feet in front of the another.

600 steps – My legs are jelly.

Needing a break from steps after, we took the lift down to the ground floor where we posed for a group photo. TELL Japan had generously gathered sponsors to provide free drinks and hand out eco-friendly bags with a towel inside that said “I climbed Tokyo Tower because mental health matters for all.”

While the climb up proved to be challenging, the view from the top made it all worth it.

Join us for the climb next year? ?