Tokyo Highlights: A hidden vegan izakaya and more!

Every month, we share some cool spots we've visited around Tokyo! 
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Yasai Izakaya Genki

Check out this izakaya overgrown with plants with a colourful entrance plastered with cute pictures of the owners advertising their vegan and vegetarian menu! Walking through the giraffe print noren (Japanese fabric dividers) makes you feel like you entered someone’s secret space. The place is well-equipped to hold a party with a record player… and a pet hedgehog. The owner was wearing a hat with snails, frogs, and hydrangeas on it—it changes depending on the season. On the menu is a creative mix of dishes you cannot find elsewhere, and there are meat options as well if you want them. The owner gave a warm farewell by taking off his hat to reveal hair, which turned out to be a wig, and then a smiley face drawn on the back of his head.


Tokyo Comedy Bar

Did you know there’s a full-time comedy bar in Tokyo? They’ve got craft beers on tap and the location is super convenient (right next to Shibuya Mark City). There’s a show happening almost daily and you can check out the schedule here.



Cute little Okinawan place just a couple minutes away from Section L Ginza East, extensive dinner and limited but yummy lunchtime set meals! The menu is written in a mix of Okinawan and regular Japanese. I’ve gone back twice! They even have a taco rice teishoku (set meal). Be careful, it’s spicy!