At the end of each month, we have a retrospective meeting to discuss what went well, what did not go well, and why we still haven't hired clowns even though we are Japan's most amusing hotel brand. We also pool together our Tokyo recommendations for you.


“Super authentic American-style diner breakfast all day, employing lots of foreigners. Super yummy and nostalgic. I recommend the breakfast burrito! Theyโ€™ve even got Cholula hot sauce!”

Recommended by Li (Operations Manager)

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“A tiny shop in Tsukiji Fish Market that sells fresh fish burgers! You can get a cod burger, fried mackerel burger, or an anago (conger eel) hot dog. The seating is also super causal, you pull out a stool from the corner and just gather around the storefront. The owner is really friendly and chatted with everyone who was there (an old man who was a regular, a couple, and me). Definitely try their bonito fries, itโ€™s packed with flavor.”

Recommended by Charlene (Community Manager)

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“Had this delightful plate of steak and eggs with french toast. Go before 11am for a better chance of getting a table.”

Recommended by Howard (CEO)

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