Thirsty Thursdays: Screwdriver

For the month of May, we switched it up and picked a Japanese vodka to mix with orange juice for a classic screwdriver to serve in the lobby.

Okuhida Vodka is one of the best vodkas in the world. It is made from rice, in a very small production run of only 800 bottles a month. Produced according to the Russian method, this top-quality spirit is aged for at least six years.

Relaxed border measures have allowed a new influx of foreigners comprising of exchange students and those coming on business. Growing our community before this took place mainly online @staysection_l, and we were jumping for joy (on Slack with the emoji below) to have our guests gathering in the lobby every Thursday the past month staying way past the ending time!

⬆️ All of us at Section L ⬆️

Lily (product designer) was so excited she brought gifts over last Thursday to share with everyone.

We have enjoyed chatting with guests about their reasons for being in Japan, choosing our apartment-hotel as a base, and also exchanging travel tips.

To more lively Thirsty Thursdays ahead!