Stranger Things Cafe in Tokyo

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Stranger Things Season 4. If you haven't already seen it, exit right now and come back after you've binged it!

You can already hear Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush playing in the background just by reading the title. From July 6, Italian chain store Pronto converted its space next to Shibuya Station into a condensed version of The Upside Down. It features notable locations from all four seasons, providing fans their chance to take the place of the show’s courageous characters in certain scenes.

The entrance from our world into The Upside Down. Mildly intimidating when you can’t really see what’s going on, but fantastic immersive experience for those inside.

Pronto also created a special menu with items like Elle’s First Hamburger, Elle’s Favorite Waffles (not Eggos unfortunately ?), Demogorgon Dark Side Mocha, and Demogorgon Roast Beef Pasta.

When you get your food, don’t forget to feed the Demogorgon too!

If you’d like to check out the cafe, do note that reservations are required. As it’s really popular, time slots usually get taken up in less than two minutes when reservations open at midnight 7 days before the date of your choice. If you’re not fast enough, you’ll be put on the waitlist and be informed if someone in your desired time slot cancels. Don’t fret, because you still have plenty of chances to try to get a reservation as the end date for the cafe has been extended from September 4 till the end of December! That’s also good news for any of you living overseas who are interested in checking it out.

Hope to see you in Tokyo’s Upside Down!