Movement x Ayurveda Workshop

We hosted a workshop by two lovely ladies (Juju and Moeko) at our pop-up space for the first time earlier this week! You may recognize Juju from the photos on our website’s front page 😉

That’s Juju on the left! You can tell why she’s a great movement workshop instructor.

Freshly boiled chai tea was served to participants at the start of the session.
They also filled up a form to identify one of three body types (linked to the five elements–space, water, earth, fire, air) that they belong to.

Juju guided everyone through various body stretches and deep breathing. It ended with an experimentation of rocking back and forth on the mat with one’s palms to feel and experience unexpected movements.

Snack made with mixed nuts, dates, and kinako. Served with a side of organic honey during the break.

As participants took a break and enjoyed the remainder of their chai and the snack, Moeko went through basic Ayurveda principles, explained the results of the survey done earlier, and started making ghee.

Moeko strained the piping hot ghee to remove any impurities.

Bottling it up for participants. Moeko recommends taking a teaspoon of it with hot water in the morning.
Thank you, Juju and Moeko! You can find them online @gokan.anatomy.
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