January Highlights


Section L is getting into the blogging game, and we are kicking it off with coverage of some mischief things we got up to at the start of 2022. As a hospitality company that made its grand debut at the height of the pandemic, we are giving ourselves a pat on the back for making it to 2022. The past two years have been rough on everyone. Whether you leapt, rolled, crawled, or danced into the new year, you. made. it. Let’s 🍻kanpai🍻 to brighter days ahead and keep our fingers crossed for Japan’s borders to open up.


The first thing we did as a company this year was hatsumode, the classic first shrine visit of the year. It is a must for anyone who wants to forget regrets from the past year, soak up positive vibes all around, and make their wishes for the new year. With our headquarters being in Kanda, we took a trip as a team to the famous Kanda Myojin Shrine nearby. For a more intimate look at what went down, as well as which of our staff got cursed, check out our Instagram reel of that day below.


During shrine visits, people often draw omikuji (fortune paper slips) to gauge how lucky (or not) they will be for a while. We decided to develop our own punny fortunes to put a smile on our guests’ faces. Aside from the occasional cringe expression we got, we insist that you can’t go wrong with dad jokes.


Resolutions, we all have them. Even if we don’t end up sticking to them, it is a nice way to start the year, isn’t it? We put up resolutions from our staff, guests, as well as our Instagram followers. Visiting Japan this year, studying Japanese, and sticking to fitness goals were among the top resolutions we received from them.


Like every cool company, we hopped on the sticker train. We produced these matte, waterproof stickers that you can choose to stick on your forehead and walk around the streets of Tokyo with your head held high. At the moment, the only way to get them is to snatch them off any Section L staff member you see, or just visit our hotel in person.

See you soon!