Hike Mount Fuji with Nathan!

Learn how to plan a hike up Mount Fuji and get to know our newest team member!

You climbed Mount Fuji recently, how was that? 

Challenging but very rewarding.

How do you get there?

I signed up to hike it with the Tokyo Snow Club group. They are a group who engages in all sorts of outdoorsy activities throughout the year. I found that they are reliable and foreigner friendly, as such, I signed up through their website. We took a private chartered bus from Shinjuku to the 5th Station. We had 89 people in our group.

How long did it take?

Climbing up took around 10 hours. It could have taken less but with such a big group we had to make sure nobody was left unaccounted for. Additionally, it was a very popular weekend and there was a lot of traffic on the mountain on the way up. The last bit of the hike took two hours as we were all queued waiting to summit.

Did you camp somewhere overnight?

We bullet hiked, this means we hiked through the night to catch sunrise and did not stay anywhere.

What did you eat and drink during the hike?

I ate 6 PB&Js, two GUs (energy gels), a protein bar, some nuts, one cup noodle, and a lot of water.

What do you wish you had known before going? 

I wish I knew how hungry I would be throughout. I thought I brought enough food, but I could have brought more.

What is the most essential item to have for the hike?

Warm, waterproof clothing and a headlamp are the most essential items. It gets very cold the higher you get and there is the potential for the weather to shift at any time. If you are not equipped with warm waterproof clothing, you could find yourself freezing and wet.  Further, it is dark the whole way up and light is essential to see where you are stepping, or you could seriously injure yourself – especially if it is wet.

Did you bring anything you didn’t need?

I felt as if I brought the right equipment for the hike. I was glad to have everything that I had. I felt well prepared.

What was your most memorable moment?

Summiting at sunrise.

Would you hike Fuji again?

I would, but I wouldn’t do it twice in the same year.

Thanks for sharing about your Fuji experience! Let’s talk more about you. How long have you been in Japan?

I have been in Japan since April of 2022 (around 5 months now!)

What do you do at Section L?

I am on the Real Estate Team at Section L where I am an associate. Essentially, I conduct market research and underwrite potential projects (project feasibility analysis).

What do you usually do on your weekends here?

I enjoy live music and as such, I look for potential live music shows on the weekend. Additionally, I really enjoy trying new foods and going to various restaurants. So, I partake in this on the weekends as well. Also, I like to travel around Japan when I get the chance!

What’s next on your Japan bucket list?

I would like to hike Haku-san and Tateyama-san as well.

Finally, what’s one piece of advice you’ll give to someone visiting Japan?

Embrace the culture as much as possible and if there is something new that you want to try then you should try it.