Best Japanese Products To Fight Summer Heat

Summer has arrived in Japan and it’s a force to be reckoned with, as temperatures hover in the mid-thirties. The heat alone is unbearable, but it’s the humidity that comes with it that leaves many foreigners struggling to adjust. So here are a few useful products to help you cope that you can pick up during your travels here!

1. Sunblock

Source: Kokoro Japan

We recommend Biore or Annessa. If you’ve visited Japan in the summer before, you may have noticed how serious Japanese people are about protecting their skin from the sun! You may have seen people here wearing extra sleeves just to keep their arms fair. It’s also one of the most popular cosmetic products that tourists purchase as souvenirs. These sunscreens known not only for their powerful protection against the sun but also often contain natural ingredients that are hydrating and enhancing for your skin. Best part of all? It is lightweight, absorbent, and residue-free so it keeps your skin feeling fresh in the hot, humid weather.

2. Icy Sprays

Source: Amazon Japan

That cooling feeling of a breeze grazing you on a hot summer day? You can feel it anytime with this miracle spray meant for your clothes. A few spritzes and you’ll experience that cooling feeling even without a breeze. Some of them also cancel out any smell of sweat on your clothes.

3. Neck Coolers

Source: Yahoo Japan

Maybe the idea of spraying a substance on your shirt sounds a little questionable to you. Then you could consider sporting these increasingly popular neck coolers! Made of a special phase-changing material that alternates between solid and liquid, it remains at a cool 22 degrees celsius at all times, keeping you cool, and turning into liquid gradually as it absorbs heat. What’s great about it is how there’s no condensation at all and it can be reused. To bring it back to a solid state, simply leave it in the fridge for a while.

4. Sony Reon Pocket 4

Source: Sony

The existence of this device is one of the many reasons why Japan is seen as an innovative country. It’s a wearable futuristic-looking device on your neck that directly cools you down in seconds with the help of a mobile app! Though it is pricey, it’s a good investment since it has dual modes and can be used through the seasons with a heating function too. That makes it convenient for you to be out exploring no matter what the temperature is. The battery life for the latest model has received good reviews and it is said to be able to last at least 8 hours.

5. Icy Wipes

Source: Gatsby

Sweating is inevitable and sometimes wet wipes just will not cut it, but these cooling wipes (say thanks to menthol) are here to save the day. There are many kinds to choose from and it’s easy to pick them out from the sea of wet wipes with their distinctive packaging featuring ice crystals and snowflakes. For the coolest option of them all, go for Gatsby’s line of wet wipes with the longest lasting cooling sensation.

6. Insect Repellent

Source: Amazon

Okay, so this doesn’t keep you from the heat but it is that time of the year when you catch yourself swinging your arms wildly and giving yourself the occasional slap on a limb thanks to the pesky bugs that have emerged. The best guard against them is to coat yourself in a layer of insect repellant so they stay clear of you. For that, we recommend Skin Vape. Easily spottable in a bluish-green blue bottle, it’s available in portable form and a bigger version that you can store in your hotel or home. It smells citrusy, is cooling, and does not leave your skin feeling sticky. Say goodbye to bug bites!

Where can you pick these products up? Check out your nearest drugstore or a trusty Don Quijote. If you absolutely would rather stay in and have these items delivered to you, they can be easily found on Amazon too. So stay cool and hydrated, and conquer the heat to make the most of your summer with the help of these products.

Cover Photo: Ryo Yoshitake