Beach Trips from Tokyo

Tokyo has its fill of things to do with new shops constantly popping up and events going on every weekend. But in the thick of summer, it’s hard not to miss the sound of waves, smell of the sea, and the feel of sand beneath your feet. These beaches give you a reason to get away from the city to relax for day or two!

Katase Higashihama Beach

Seeing Mount Fuji is often a matter of luck, and being in the right place at the right time helps. You could get lucky if you come here on a clear day. It is said to one of the oldest beaches used for leisure, all the way back to the Meiji period. As the waves here are calm, it’s a great swimming spot and popular among families. Looking out from the beach, you’ll see Enoshima, a very popular island known for its lighthouse and caves with walkable trails.

Zushi Beach

Yet another spot to view Mount Fuji on a clear day! It’s also great for windsurfing. The sand is soft, breeze is gentle, you can’t go wrong spending an afternoon here. Before hitting the beach, you can pick up food and drinks at the huge supermarket next to Zushi station. Consider getting your caffeine fix at Dark Arts Coffee, and ending the day with a beer flight at Blue Moon.

Yuigahama Beach

Kamakura, well known for its giant Buddha at Kotokuin, is one of the most popular destinations for a day trip from Tokyo. It also has three beaches: Yuigahama, Zaimokuza, and Koshigoe. Yuigahama Beach is the easiest one to get to, being just 15 minutes away from Kamakura Station on foot. It is also considered official beach season for just two months here in July and August! You have many options to be active, whether it’s trying SUP, kayaking, or flyboarding. Tonbi (black kites) circle the sky frequently here, so never take your eyes off your food even if it’s in your hands because they can and will nip it right off you. Not speaking from experience 😳

Onjuku Beach

Though it’s a little further from Tokyo, you can enjoy this beach without huge crowds. It’s a paradise for surfers, and you can rent chairs and umbrellas here for a more comfortable experience. And don’t forget to take a commemorative photo with these colorful letters! Without a car, it’s better to spend the night there to make the most of your time. Splash Guesthouse, Ryokan Kanoya, and Hamayoshi are three accommodations spots to complete that perfect trip.

Cover Photo Credit: Ye Linn Wai